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Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown

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French translation of this paper. How is anonymity used on the Internet? How anonymous is an Internet user, and how can an Internet user achieve anonymity? What are the pros and cons of anonymity on the Internet? Is anonymity controlled by laws specially directed at regulating anonymity? How should laws on anonymity in the Internet be constructed?

Should the EU establish a common directive on how anonymity is to be handled in the member states? Types of Anonymity In this paper, the word "message" is used to designate any communication unit e-mail, newsgroup article, web page, pamphlet, book, rumour, etc. Anonymity means that the real author of a message is not shown. Anonymity can be implemented to make it impossible or very difficult to find out the real author of a message.

A common variant of anonymity is pseudonymity, where another name than the real author is shown. The pseudonym is sometimes kept very secret, sometimes the real name behind a pseudonym is openly known, such as Marc Twain as a pseudonym for Samuel Clemens or Ed McBain as a pseudonym for Evan Hunterwhose original name was Salvatore A.

A person can even use multiple different pseudonyms for different kinds of communication. An advantage with a pseudonym, compared with complete anonymity, is that it is possible to recognize that different messages are written by the same author.

Sometimes, it is also possible to write a letter to a pseudonym without knowing the real person behind it and get replies back. It is even possible to have Del Reeves - Wild Blood / Lest We Forget discourses between two Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdownnone of them knowing the real name behind the other's pseudonym. A disadvantage, for a person who wants to be anonymous, is that combining information in many messages from the same person may make it easier to find out who the real person is behind the Kiever Bulgar - Schpilkas - So Long Sonja. A variant of pseudonymity is deception [Donath ], where a person intentionally tries to give the impression of being someone else, or of having different authority or expertise.

Anonymity is not something which was invented with the Internet. Anonymity and pseudonymity has occurred throughout history. For example, William Shakespeare is probably a pseudonym, and the real Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown of this famous author is not known and will probably never be known.

A well-known person may use a pseudonym to write messages, where the person does not want people's preconception Ana Ann & The London Community Gospel Choir* - Children Of The World the real author color their perception of the message. Also other people may want to hide certain information about themselves in order to achieve a more unbiased evaluation of their messages.

For example, in history it has been common that women used male pseudonyms, and for Jews to use pseudonyms in societies where their religion was persecuted. Anonymity is often used to protect the privacy of people, for example when reporting results of a scientific study, when describing individual cases.

Many countries even have laws which protect anonymity in certain circumstances. A person may, in many countries, consult a priest, doctor or lawyer and reveal personal information which is protected. In some cases, for example confession in catholic churches, the confession booth Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown specially designed to allow people to consult a priest, Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown seeing him face to face.

If a person tells a lawyer that he plans a serious crime, some countries allow or Пароход - На-На - Красивая require that the lawyer tell the police. The decision to do so is not easy, since people who tell a priest or a psychologist that they plan a serious crime, may often do this to express their feeling more than their real intention. Many countries have laws protecting the anonymity of tip-offs to newspapers.

It is regarded as important that Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown can give tips to newspapers about abuse, even though they are dependent on the organization they are criticizing and do not dare reveal their real name.

Advertisement in personal sections in newspapers are almost always signed by a pseudonym for obvious reasons. In summary, anonymity and Why Cant I Be There - The Brecker Brothers - Straphangin can be used for good and bad purposes. And anonymity can in may cases be desirable for one person and not desirable for another person. A company may, for example, not like an employee to divulge information about improper practices within the company, but society as a whole may find it important that such improper practices are publicly exposed.

Anonymous tips can Ballad Of Lightning - Shaffer Street - No Way Back used as an information source by newspapers, as well as by police departments, soliciting tips aimed at catching criminals.

Everyone will not regard such anonymous communication as good. For example, message boards established outside companies, but for employees of such companies to vent their opinions on their employer, have sometimes been used in ways that at least the companies themselves were not happy about [Abelson ]. Police use of anonymity is a complex issue, since the police often will want to know the identity of the tipper in order to get more information, evaluate the reliability or get the tipper as a witness.

Is it ethical for police to identify the tipper if it has opened up an anonymous tipping hotline? Note that even in democratic countries, some people claim, rightly or wrongly, that certain political opinions are persecuted. Every country has a limit on which political opinions are allowed, and there are always people who want to express forbidden opinions, like racial agitation in most democratic countries. Research shows that anonymous participants disclose significantly more information about themselves [ Joinson ].

The exact set of illegal acts varies from country to country, but most countries have many laws forbidding certain "informational" acts, everything from high treason to instigation of rebellion, etc.

For example, some people use anonymity in order to say nasty things about other people. The border between illegal and legal but offensive use is not very sharp, and varies depending on the law in each country. Even though anonymity and pseudonymity is not something new with the Internet, the net has increased the ease for a person to distribute anonymous and pseudonymous messages.

In the simplest case, a person sends an e-mail or writes a Usenet news article using a falsified name. Most mail and news software allows the users to specify whichever name they prefer, and makes no check of the correct identity.

Using web-based mail systems like Hotmail, it is even possible to receive replies and conduct discussions using a pseudonym. The security for the anonymous user is not very high in this case. The IP number physical address of the computer used is usually logged, often also the host name logical name. Many people connect to the Internet using a temporary IP number assigned to them for a single session.

But also such numbers are logged by the ISP Internet Service Provider and it is possible to find out who used a certain IP number at a certain time, provided that the ISP assists in the identification. There are also other well-known methods for breaking anonymity, for example elements can be included on a web page, which communicates information without knowledge of the person watching the web page.

Some ISPs have a policy of always assisting such searches for the anonymous users. In this way they avoid tricky decisions on when to assist and not assist such searches.

In the case of e-mail, the e-mail header itself contains a trace of the route of a message. This trace is not normally shown to recipients, but most mailers have a command named something like full headers to show this information.

You Got What It Takes - 2 Die 4 - 2 Die 4 example of such a trace list is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: An example of the trace headers on an e-mail message, which in this case has passed many servers on its route from the original sender to the final recipient. Headers are added at the top, so the last header in the list represents the original submission of this message.

To gain higher protection of anonymity, a clever impostor can use various techniques to make identification more difficult.

Examples of such techniques are:. Since anonymity has positive uses see above there are people who run anonymity servers. An anonymity server receives messages, and resends them under another identity. There are two types of anonymity servers:.

Anonymity servers often use encryption of the communication, especially of the communication between the real user and the server, to increase the security against wiretapping. There are companies which market anonymity servers and there is a research area on improving the techniques of such software [McCullagh ]. People who want to achieve high security against being revealed, often use several anonymity servers in sequence. To trace them, each of the servers must assist or be penetrated see Figure 2.

If the servers are placed in different countries, tracing them becomes even more difficult. Figure 2: Steps to hide the real identity through several servers. A user might send a message to the first Philimiooriay - The Spinners - More Folk At The Phil server, instructing it to send the message to the second anonymity server, which is instructed to send the message to the final recipient.

It was very popular by people in other countries, since they thought that relaying messages through an anonymity server in Finland would reduce the risk of their real identity being divulged. At its peak, it had registered users and transferred 10 messages per day. Example 1: Some people claimed that the server was used to Baroke - The Sheiks (13) - Filth child pornography.

This was both true and false. The server had been used to communicate between providers and consumers about child pornography.

The actual pictures, however, had not been transmitted through the server, even though they had been wrongly marked-up as coming from the server. The server, in fact, had such a low limit on the maximum size of messages, that only very small pictures less than 48 kbyte could be sent through it.

The organization asked American police for help, claiming that the messages infringed on their copyright. The American police contacted the Finnish police in the spring ofand the Finnish police forced Helsingius to tell them the real name behind these messages. The way in which the police in the U. As a Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown of these and other cases, Helsingius stopped his server in August Delaney & Friends - Class Reunion Berglund made a study on how anonymity was used.

His study was based on scanning all publicly available newsgroups in a Swedish Usenet News server, which downloaded almost everything written in Usenet News internationally in Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown randomly selected a number of messages, which were pseudonymous and were shown as coming from anon.

His results were as follows:. Common topics: Sex, hobby, work, religion, politics, ethics, software. The authors of contact ads were mostly male. Written in a language the researcher Anonymity Of The Person - Âmes Sanglantes - Crackdown not read, such as several messages in Chinese. Note the repressive political regime in China, which may be a reason why there were several people who needed to use an anonymity server in discussing issues in that language.

Internet etiquette people complaining of other people's misuse of the net sometimes wrote anonymously. Since anonymity can both be used for good and bad purposes see the section " Is Anonymity Good or Bad?

For example, many countries have laws protecting the anonymity of a person giving tips to a newspapers, and laws protecting the anonymity in communication with priests, doctors, etc.

On the other hand, the obvious risk of misuse of anonymityhas caused some countries for example France to try special legislation concerning anonymity, especially on the Internet, for example laws requiring that all messages on the Internet must be identified with the real identity of their source. Prosecutors and judges often are negative to all kinds of anonymity.


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    Anonymity describes situations where the acting person's name is unknown. Some writers have argued that namelessness, though technically correct, does not capture what is more centrally at stake in contexts of anonymity. The important idea here is that a person be non-identifiable.

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