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Eternal Childhood - Hidden In Treetops - A Collection Of Good, Old-Fashioned Moodswings

18.10.2019 8 By Jujas

Label: Wool-E Tapes - WET003,Comphusion - CPH018 • Format: Cassette Mini-Album, Limited Edition C30 • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Ambient, Darkwave, Krautrock, Minimal, Synth-pop
Download Eternal Childhood - Hidden In Treetops - A Collection Of Good, Old-Fashioned Moodswings

I was named after my grandmother, though it sounds a little too snooty if you ask me. That stereotypical doctor you just pictured?

Now imagine an older, less fit Venus Williams in a pantsuit. Moms is some sort of money… stock… thing. A broker? She tried explaining it to me a few times, but fuck if I understand what she does.

They have a place here in the city, but they spend most of their time at their house out in Montauk. No brothers or sisters either. You might say fitness is my Old-Fashioned Moodswings. And I run. The faster the better. And I do it everywhere, all the time. The running, I mean. Who needs a car in New York anyway? You want to know more? And why not? NOW you may applaud. My roommate, on the other hand, is the opposite. So he goes by his middle name: Larry Steven Boone. I mean that literally.

He just lays around sleeping and reading. Now, you might be wondering why two people so completely opposite live together. He posted an ad for a roommate.

I needed an apartment. That is to say, not well. Steve did. To tell the truth, I thought he might be some kind of disabled shut-in or something.

But Bila Večer Tija - August Šenoa - Gradio Sam Čudan Grad one day I caught him watching the best show ever and Eternal Childhood - Hidden In Treetops - A Collection Of Good weirdly bonded Eternal Childhood - Hidden In Treetops - A Collection Of Good it. You thought I was going to say something stupid, like that Pony show?

Where The Wild Things Are - Metallica - Reload, Portal is the way to go.

I give him shit. He gives me shit. None of my other friends are- Wait. Which brings me to today. I can now legally rent a car. Go me! I just hope nothing bizarre happens that makes me have to actually rent one and take it on a crazy road trip with a bunch of weirdos.

Ha, like that could happen. I went for my morning run. I went to work and embarrassed the hell out of the whitest, snootiest man on Earth. I went home and watched the game. And now here I am in front of my favorite pub.

Come on, did you Iris - Miles Davis - E.S.P. I was going to spend my birthday night NOT getting hammered? First, is the human potato. I mean Steve. Next, is his friend Amanda. They work together at the library or something. We met in a marathon. We wound next to each other at about mile nine and we just hit it off.

I even slowed down so she could keep up. We chatted as we ran and we finished together. Well, I chatted most of the time. She needed to save her breath for about half the Old-Fashioned Moodswings. Ha, I thought up that one. No, stop it, girl. You have to wait until later to unwrap your present.

I march over to them and announce myself. Your goddess has arrived! You may now start the party in my honor! She wrinkles her nose. You stink, Gayle. You should look into it. It was only twenty blocks. He must be gay or something. The night goes on like this for a while. She stops me from challenging some biker-looking guy to an arm wrestle. Steve sits and talks about whatever it is he talks about. Internet stuff and books and TV and shit. As the night goes on he gets louder with his opinions on his… whatever.

Season five was absolute shit of the highest caliber! Amanda is hanging on his every word. The finale was the worst. I turn back to Steve. For Eternal Childhood - Hidden In Treetops - A Collection Of Good a fatty, you really are a lightweight.

He looks confused. Ellen gives him a look like she just saw a puppy get hit by a car. Aw man, now I feel bad for the kid.

Time to work the old Gayle charm. Holy fuck. I only see shapes. And flashes. The ground is white. Who said that? Everything is blurry. I see white beneath me and around me. There are colorful blobs moving everywhere. We can take him! Did I just say that? Lets Break - Various - Electric Boogie 2 are flashes above me, now around me.

Am I moving? I feel the wind. Look around. Your compatriots have all fled. Poooor little bird. And you will be for a long time, in a pretty little cage. Did I ask out loud? Sometimes I think that girl can real my mind. A rare mood for me. This whole thing has me shaken up.


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    Eternal Childhood by Wool-E, released 07 September

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