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Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter

29.10.2019 9 By Tolrajas

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: File MP3, Album • Country: Chile • Genre: Electronic • Style: Breakcore
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This has been in the works for a while. Rodger has an opening ramble then introduces us to Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter whole crew. I had a report from Tim that gmail has hidden from me. Damn you gmail! Maybe we can put some names to faces. There is one profession Frank and the Keepers will never succeed at. Dealing cards at any casino in Vegas. Ok, so maybe no one has ever said that. Regardless, Frank and the Keepers house does not win. It never even shows aces to which they collect insurance on a lost bet.

No, the winners are those that sit down at their tables. Split kings, get two aces in return. Scotch sir? Thank you. To date, they have orchestrated a perfect string of Cogals. Those are freakishly good odds. Even better than internet dating. Looking back at older articles, little if any feedback was left, with but a few reaching double digit replies. African elephants have a gestation period on average of days, human babies around The point is, greatness does not happen overnight, is oft under-appreciated, and at worst misunderstood entirely The Rules anyone?

Such are the pains of wanting to share your passion with the world. For this, we all thank you fine gentlemen. While the audience is silent and big Steve walks out, the guests on stage get even more nervous until BAM! Jerry announces that they are brothers! The audience goes nuts while the now brothers are worked into a frenzy of sobs, tears and hugs. And so to, thirteen times over, did all the Cogal attendees come to the same conclusion over two spendid days in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Success comes with a slogan, a jingle, something easy to remember and even easier to share with your friends. Unfortunately for us and you the readers, we are not in marketing or advertising. It lacks charm, warmth, sex appeal, wit, even clarity.

This was one Buck Rogers, trying to convince other nutjobs that it was indeed a great idea, and more should join in. We all know a con when we see it, but this was different.

Afterall, some stranger on the internet told us so. Easy peasy. The Lexicon highlights all that is serious, and alternatively all that is silly about cycling.

For every Velominati present, a Pedalwan. Razor sharp tans to incidental tri-bands. Prayer - John Michael Talbot - Pathways To Solitude contingent had it all, brought it all, and we shared it all.

Oddly, stroopvvafels failed to make an appearance. But I did munch on these bits from Trader Joes, similar to stroopvvafels, but most definitely NOT sharing anything other than a loose connection in name only. Truth be told, if you showed up to the Cogal, one could trump any rule violation with massive amounts of Rule V. While we may have suffered, it was nothing compared to what Hurricane Irene left behind for the residents of Vermont. There were towns scattered along the route that took an absolute beating.

Foundations washed out, Strollin On Sunday - Cerrone - Back Track 8 buckled up, landslides wiping out entire hillsides, multiple bridges tossed down Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter once gentle streams.

Everything many of these folks ever knew or relied upon was gone in a matter of days. Being that I can not save the world, what I could do was stop in to general stores and family shops to grab food and drink rather than call up the SAG. This was my small token of gratitude. This was my way of saying thank you for the memories.

Thank you for the resilience you show by sticking it out in tough times. Thank you for giving me plenty of room on the shoulders while I slowly absorb all your state has to offer. Thank you for ringing the cowbell as you pass by us. It was ugly, busted windows and barns being propped up by re-purposed lumber, but it served a purpose. The likes Bryan Detrow - O.E. Dickinson, Frost, Hemingway, Geisel.

What could they share with Merckx, Voight, Coppi, the Velominati? One could draw parallels until blue in the face. We Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter rhythm, timing, form, visual presentation, and the list goes on ad.

Pen to paper, legs to pedals, the process is maddening, and our own results, glorious. This trio upon entrance into the restaurant seemed to have surely stumbled into the wrong place. That is to say both looked Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter young, and perhaps they dared each other to do the ride in study hall, right before lunch period. If the Delorean was running, Tim would be going back to the past to tell dB how much suffering was ahead and try to talk him Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter of it.

Tim drove the boys down from Montreal, and did one bang up job as a SAG driver. Envious of that, I am. Violations be danged, these boys rode Outside Looking In - Sofa Head - Acres Of Geeses. They pushed on the front for the 60km and made it easier for all of us to get into a rhythm. We did separate down the line, and when I joined back up with them, was only able to make conversation for a bit before I lost their wheel.

Fantastic name, only half accurate. The captain is an incredibly intelligent individual. When I learned of his profession and what brought him across the pond, Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter was struck with that deer in the headlights expression. While all us regular joes put spare wheels in the van, Captain Kidders carries over his wheels in some nice bags. Supposedly, bike shops give away wheel bags in much the same manner as shops in the states give away bidons.

Curse your great swag and wonderful accent! Cal swung by his place earlier in the week and was transporting his bicycle for him, Merckx bless him. When we loaded his Gunnar into the utility van, there might have been 2 inches to spare between his saddle and the ceiling. The amount of seatpost showing is longer than my…left arm.

Make no mistake, it is a big bicycle, for a big cyclist, with big heart. Xyxax carries a sense of calm with him no matter the situation. Never ruffled, never roused. Extremely insightful and with large reserves of V, it is only fitting he is my Rule V nominee.

Incredibly kind to a fault, he is the charming gentleman you want at every Cogal, or dinner party. Of course he was. I remember his biggest concern was that the Velominati were all these pretentious d-bags. Kurt rode on the front taking long pulls. On the drive back to Boston, I learned he had a tube that exploded shooting the tire off the bead.

He does some racing so knows how to push himself to the Run On - Moby - Play, crack, and recover, and do it all over again.

Handy skills Keep A Knockin - Various - Jazz Volume 4: Jazz Singers have on a Cogal like this.

Spags is training for some quadruple Ironman or something equally as crazy, and it shows in spades. I was lucky early on and got into a 4 man paceline amongst him, Tim, and Buck Rogers. When we hit the first little climb out of Waterbury, those 3 took off with ease, and I was back in reality.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. That would be the last I saw of them until back at Porches. If you do decide to race motorcycles Spags, take it easy on everyone. At least let them think they have a chance at winning before you drop the hammer. And thanks for the extra hand. While Fuck Optimists - KoçitSkoria - Quitter tried to tear open the wrapper and still stay on a wheel, here came Spags with a guiding hand on my back to make sure I didnt fall off.

The 16km we did together were incredible. The road literally disappeared and no unnecessary energy was expended. Tim is old school cool to boot. Great kit, magnificent strokeand a culinary wizard. The rice cakes he prepared pulled me out of the darkness a few times. We had two Charles in the group.


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    fuck optimists by KoçitSkoria, released 08 January
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