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Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)

07.11.2019 6 By Mazugrel

Label: Irond - IROND MC 02-137 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) resolution or higher. Zos Kia Cultus Here and Beyond embodies one of the rare instances wherein I find my original appraisal woefully off target. I used to adore this one, but over recent years and through a fresh set of ears no longer as green to the lure of the Polish death metal scene, I found this album depressingly forgettable.

Personally, I find Behemoth's transitional period one of dependable caliber and more absorbing from a curiosity standpoint. Pandemonic Incantations linked the band's blackened, raw backbone with a more weighty delivery and benefits greatly from its abnormalities. The often-disregarded Thelema.

What was lost between Far Canal - obO - Slide Burn album and Zos Kia Cultus Here and Beyond is difficult to pinpoint at first blush, but this record finds itself functioning as some sort of final stepping stone of sorts that eventually led to Demigod. However, instead of embodying the best of both worlds impression usually granted to bridge-gapping efforts, this just comes off as an inferior precursor to Demigod ; similar in cinematic scope at times, but Talking To Woman - Various - Different lacking in memorable passages and ideas.

To bring up Thelema. So two years later this album comes down the pike, and suddenly the band is playing flaccid, featureless death metal with meager atmosphere and flat velocity? The hell A conundrum indeed, as Havoc and Novy are still here, two forgotten axemen who compiled half of what I believe to be Behemoth's best lineup.

The band has never come close in the live arena, but it begs the question, how much of a monopoly did Nergal have regarding songwriting duties? A quick glance at the liner notes cites Havoc's only compositional contribution as "No Sympathy for Fools. It is the best song here, bringing down the axes as Nergal toils away in the corner hammering away what amounts to a nebulous mass of mid-paced gunk that eventually became Demigod.

A worthy effort from a revisionist point Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) view, but wholly lacking in the massive scope and Phrygian authority later sealed in blood. Zos Kia Cultus Here and Beyond is for better or worse modern Behemoth as we Nobody Home - Roger Waters - The Wall (Blu-ray, Album) them, replete with the overuse of pinch harmonics and reliance on Nergal's choppy delivery on the mic.

What really kills it for me is the lack of gradation regarding tempo and time signature. For example, "Horns ov Baphomet" opens the gates in a quite meaty manner, but once the song settles into its groove, eyelids become heavy and many a watch is checked. It is almost as if the same song plays twice, a trend that continues in more instances than I care to count here. The rest is so faceless it fucking hurts. We still get the overuse of samples and interludes that the band was known for around this period, which only serves as syrup atop what honestly comes close to being a veritable shit sundae at times, especially considering the band's now-proven potential.

It isn't the worst thing ever, as the production values are stratospheric compared to what came before it, and for those that really dig the Demigod sound I am on the fence but can appreciate it well enoughthis should satiate to a certain point.

I just can't recommend this over what came both before and after it, which leaves Zos Kia Cultus Here and Beyond out in the cold and an effort best forgotten in the grand scheme.

A curiosity piece best left to Behemoth fanboys and those less fortunate who can't appreciate the early material. While many reviews point on Thelema. The whole album sounds like having been recorded right after some jam sessions, it's repetitive and tries to shine through technical diversity rather than songwriting. The guitar work, although technically flawless, doesn't provide chugs and riffs to headbang to. It's all pretty generous and just meh.

The solos sometimes work and sometimes don't. On "Here And Beyond" it just seems to be thrown in there randomly, while in "Zos Kia Cultus" argueably the strongest song on the albumit blends in perfectly with the overall atmosphere. As another letdown from its predecessor, the Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) drafts back into the shadows, being totally dominated by guitars and drums.

Yes, this album has made a great step towards death metal. Listening throughout the album, the songs permanently change from listenable to totally forgettable. Those songs show Inferno slowing down a bit and focusing on rhythm and Nergal not trying too hard, instead leaving the guitar work relatively simple, with decent and well placed solos. Most of the other songs could well be just cut together to one long track.

It just stays the same: blasts - chug riffs and random solos - more blasts. The skits try to add to the atmosphere with some gloomy cult impressions, but fail precisely because the other songs don't get anywhere near that kind of theme. Instead the listener is exposed to heavily Nile-inspired, random chugging, often too fast drumming and unvaried growls.

This gets complimented by a bone dry production that doesn't serve such a themed album at all. It basically only makes sense if you imagine Demigod to come after it. All in all, this should only be a concern to Behemoth fans. Everyone else, stick with Nile and cohortes. Because this is just trying too hard to be too brutal, and it didn't work often enough. Since the release of this album, Behemoth has gone from strength to strength, releasing three mighty albums in its wake.

Hell and the world of metal hath no fury like Behemoth. Try as they might, no band can mimic the enormity of this Polish 4-piece. The sheer power of this record is addictive, and the Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) songs draw one in again and again. Behemoth managed to capture the ferocity of their live shows on this album, as every song is anthemic in its brutality.

Nergal is one of the greatest talents in the industry today, and he only recently started receiving recognition for his great work. Nergal is the main creative force in the band, since he writes all the songs and most of the lyrics. Notably, the guitar-work on the album is amazing. It seems Nergal found his stride here, writing some classic riffs and not looking back since. The guitars sound almost upbeat at Cadaveric Sandcastle - Embalming Theatre - Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails, whilst still amassing tremendous aggression.

This is solid death metal fretwork, with palm-muting, tremolo picking and pinch harmonics to spare, but it remains fresh and original, nothing like the typical American death heard elsewhere. One cannot speak of Behemoth without mentioning Inferno. The speed and technicality at work here would put Kevin Talley to shame. All the blasts, fills and double-bass somehow seems twice as fast and brutal as anyone else. The tuning is also spot-on, with crisp cymbals and pulverizing double-bass.

The snare is sharp, and the drums overall feature quite prominently on the album. Finger-picking exclusively, Novy delivers very strong chords and the bass is even audible, for once.

A typical throaty growl, the voice is immensely powerful and yet still unique for the genre. The lyrics round off the overall effect with immense fury and hatred. This album proved very early on that they are a force to be reckoned with. Behemoth is years ahead of the curve, and Radion6* / Kindervater - Watch Out!

/ Spotlight was the start of their world domination. Obama, can you please explain how you intend to manage health care while dealing with soaring unemployment. At the time, this was the heaviest Behemoth album, but not by a ton.

Satanica had a huge wall of sound, but here is where they really took hold of death metal and brought out all the guns. Drumming sounds incredibly intense, precise, fast, and vicious — Inferno always had his shit together, but here he knocks it up one level to make up for being part of the last album.

Gotta also thank his dumb ass for that snare intro. The songs all have decent lengths, with the more ambitious ones obviously being the longer ones. However, even the shorter tracks pack a punch with compelling bridges — they never let up that besieging attitude. Definitely check this one out, guys.

When you get Behemoth, you know you're going to get a heavy, brutal as fuck album. Behemoth are pretty The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama* - The Soul Of Clarence Fountain And The Five Blind Boys of Alabama ass Slowly - Jimmy Dean - And The Town And Countrymen, especially inferno.

They are all awesome on their respective instruments, but there is something about Behemoth which I just don't like. Usually with most songs, I don't like the riffs much and I find the songs a bit boring sometimes.

In honesty, the reason I got this album was because I have the shirt for it. I figured well, I have the shirt, I should probably listen to this album. I have heard two Behemoth albums; this seems pretty similar to Satanica. Here the vocals aren't laughably retarded and over processed like they are on Demigod. Nergal's vocals don't sound like your traditional death metal vocals. I've never been a big fan of his vocal work but Hekau 718 - Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) is never unbearable.

The guitar riffs as alluded to above never really appealed to me much. But displays of such brilliance were too far and between. Mainly the songs seemed Lets Get It Started - Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood (Hybrid, Album) mediocre and dull sometimes.

Drums are pretty bad ass. Inferno is probably one of the best in the business and rips shit up on this album as he always does. Behemoth are lucky to have such a good drummer in their arsenal. The album came with a lot of bonus material which are played competently. They cover several bands such as Mayhem and Morbid Angel. I liked the majority of these bands so I liked most of the cover songs. The song is terrible and it is agonizing to listen to.

I always skip this song. This is an OK album overall. There are some moments of brilliance but unfortunately there is just too few of them. On the brighter side, the songs never really get boring, so this album is not a snooze Come Round - Grand Avenue - Grand Avenue and its not torture to listen to.

All in all, not bad but not that good either. Conclusion: The above is recommended for download only.


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  • Yot says:
    Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) is for better or worse modern Behemoth as we know them, replete with the overuse of pinch harmonics and reliance on Nergal's choppy delivery on the mic. What really kills it for me is the lack of gradation regarding tempo and time signature.
  • Vugor says:
    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Zos Kia Cultus: Here and Beyond - Behemoth on AllMusic - - When Behemoth really gets going, it truly sounds 9/
  • Grolkis says:
    Behemoth - Hekau Lyrics. A ka dua tuf ur biu Bi a chefu dudu ner af an nuteru Kha her nest af ur ar uatu an ba an khu an kha Au aper ku khu am aper.
  • Zolosida says:
    Feb 16,  · Listen to Zos Kia Cultus by Behemoth and 50 million songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. $/month after. Here And Beyond. Here And Beyond. Listen Now $ 4. almost thunderous riffs on "Hekau ," the title track, which has catchy, pounding riffs and more great drumming, and (my personal favorite) the album opener, "Horns Ov 4/5(31).
  • Dotaur says:
    Behemoth 'Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)' black vinyl Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond), a sixth Behemoth album issued by Peaceville on a black, g vinyl. VILELP Side 1. 1. Horns Of Baphomet. 2. Modern Iconoclasts. 3. Here & Beyond. 4. As Above .
  • Akinolkis says:
    Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) is for better or worse modern Behemoth as we know them, replete with the overuse of pinch harmonics and reliance on Nergal's choppy delivery on the mic. What really kills it for me is the lack of gradation regarding tempo and time signature.

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