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Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13

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It was developed as a successor to VP9 by the Alliance for Open Media AOMediaa consortium founded in that includes semiconductor firms, video on demand providers, video content producers, software development companies and web browser vendors. The AV1 bitstream specification includes a reference video codec. Industry observers found one of the most compelling features of AV1 to be its royalty-free licensing model, unlike existing technologies such as HEVC that require royalty payments and prevent widespread adoption in open-source projects.

Cisco's Thor development was started in response to HEVC being perceived as unviable for use in open source and freely distributed products, [7] but the work of Google and Mozilla previously under Xiph on royalty-free video predates this event and is not attributable to HEVC's licensing woes, [8] [9] although it definitely also is seen as a problem by Mozilla.

In addition, various patent holders were refusing to license patents via either pool, increasing uncertainty about HEVC's licensing. According to Microsoft's Ian LeGrow, an open-source, royalty-free technology was seen as the easiest way to eliminate this uncertainty around licensing. The negative Moving With The Mob - Last Rough Cause - Aggrophobia of patent licensing on free and open-source Cançó De Traginers - Cobla Maravella Dtor.

Lluís Ferrer* - Catalunya Canta has also been cited as a reason for the creation of AV1. Many of the components of the AV1 project were sourced from previous research efforts by Alliance members. Building on the codebase of VP9, AV1 incorporates additional techniques, several of which were developed in these experimental formats. Although a soft feature freeze came into effect at the end of Octoberseveral significant features were decided to continue developing beyond this.

One of these in-progress features, the bitstream formatwas projected to be frozen in January but was delayed due to unresolved critical bugs as well as further changes to transformations, syntax, the prediction of motion vectors, and the completion of legal analysis.

Martin Smole from AOM member Dying - Hole - Celebrity Skin said that the computational efficiency of the reference encoder was the greatest remaining challenge after the bitstream format freeze had been completed. Much of the development effort was consequently shifted towards maturing the reference encoder. In Marchit was reported that the speed of the reference encoder had improved greatly and within the same order of magnitude as encoders for other common formats.

AV1 aims to be a video format for the web that is both state of the art and royalty free. To fulfill the goal of being royalty free, the development process requires that no feature can be adopted before it has been confirmed independently by two separate parties to not infringe on patents of competing companies.

This development process contrasts with that of its main competitor, HEVCwhere a review of the intellectual property rights IPR review was not part of the standardization process. A recurring concern in the field of royalty-free multimedia formats is the possibility that AV1 may infringe upon patents unknown to the Alliance. Under patent rules adopted from the World Wide Web Consortium W3Ctechnology contributors license their AV1-connected patents to anyone, anywhere, anytime based on reciprocity i.

The creation of royalty-free web standards has been a long-stated pursuit for the industry. The reason was that public content should be encoded Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 freely implementable formats, if only as a "baseline format", and that changing such a baseline format later would be hard because of network effects. Feature wise, AV1 is specifically designed for real-time applications especially WebRTC and higher resolutions wider color gamutshigher frame ratesUHD than typical usage scenarios of the current generation H.

AV1 is a traditional block-based frequency transform format featuring new techniques. Based on Google's VP9, [42] AV1 incorporates additional techniques that mainly give encoders more coding options to enable better adaption to different types of input.

The Alliance published a reference implementation written in C and assembly language aomencaomdec as free software under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License. The development process was such that coding tools were added to the reference codebase as experimentscontrolled by flags that enable or disable them at build time, for review by other group members as well as specialized teams that helped with and ensured hardware friendliness and compliance with intellectual property rights TAPAS.

When the feature gained some support in the community, the experiment was enabled by default, and ultimately had its flag removed when all of the reviews were passed. To better and more reliably support HDR and color spaces, corresponding metadata can now be integrated into the video bitstream instead of being signaled in the container. Frame content is separated into adjacent same-sized blocks referred to as superblocks. Superblocks can be divided in smaller blocks according to different partitioning patterns.

The four-way split pattern is the only pattern whose partitions can be recursively subdivided. Two separate predictions can now be used on spatially different parts of a block using a smooth, oblique transition line wedge-partitioned prediction.

AV1 performs internal processing in higher precision 10 or 12 bits per samplewhich leads to compression improvement due to smaller Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 errors in reference imagery. Predictions can be combined in more advanced ways than a uniform average in a block compound predictionincluding smooth and sharp transition gradients in different directions wedge-partitioned prediction as well as implicit masks that are based on the difference between the two predictors.

This allows combination of either two inter predictions or an inter and an intra prediction to be used in the same block. Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 can be a set of warping parameters for a whole frame offered in the bitstream, or blocks can use a set of implicit local parameters that get computed based on surrounding blocks. Switch frames S-frame are a new inter-frame type that can be predicted using already decoded reference frames from a higher-resolution version of the same video to allow switching to a lower resolution without the need for a full keyframe at the beginning of a video segment in the adaptive bitrate streaming use case.

Intra prediction Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 of predicting the pixels of a given blocks only using information available in the current frame. Most often, intra predictions are built from the neighboring pixels above and to the left of the Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 block. The DC predictor builds a prediction by averaging the pixels above and to the left of block.

Directional predictors extrapolate these Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 pixels according to a specified angle.

In AV1, 8 main directional modes can be chosen. These modes start at an angle of 45 degrees and increase by a step size of The "TrueMotion" predictor got replaced with a Paeth predictor which looks at the difference from the known pixel in the above left corner to the pixel directly above and directly left of the new one and then chooses the one that lies in direction of the smaller gradient as predictor.

A palette predictor is available for blocks with very few up to 8, dominant colors like in some computer screen content.

Correlations between the luminosity and the color information can now be exploited with a predictor for chroma blocks that is based on samples from the luma plane cfl. On every new superblock, the quantization parameters can be adjusted by signaling an offset. For the in-loop filtering step, the integration of Thor's constrained low-pass filter and Daala's directional deringing filter has been fruitful: The combined Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter cdef [63] exceeds the results of using the original filters separately or together.

Due to the randomness inherent to film grain noise, this signal component is traditionally either very expensive to code or prone to get damaged or lost, possibly leaving serious coding artefacts as residue. This tool circumvents these problems using analysis and synthesis, replacing parts of the signal with a visually Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 synthetic texture, based solely on subjective visual impression instead of objective similarity.

It removes the grain component from the signal, analyzes its non-random characteristics, and instead transmits only descriptive parameters to the decoder, which adds back a synthetic, pseudorandom noise signal that's shaped after the original component. The use of non-binary arithmetic coding helps evade patents, but also adds bit-level Whats The Matter With Parents Today?

- NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum to an otherwise serial process, reducing clock rate demands on hardware implementations. In Aprilusing Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 8 enabled experimental Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 at the time of 77 totalBitmovin was able to demonstrate favorable objective metricsas well as visual results, compared to HEVC on the Sintel and Tears of Steel animated films. Ozer noted that his and Bitmovin's results contradicted a comparison by Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications from late [74] that had found AV1 In a comparison of AV1 against H.

Decoding performance was at about half the speed of VP9 according to Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 measurements from AOMedia provides a list of test results on their website. AV1 defines three profiles for decoders which are MainHighand Professional. The Main profile allows for a bit depth of 8- or bits per sample with greyscale and chroma sampling.

The High profile further adds support for chroma sampling. The Professional profile extends capabilities to full support for, and chroma sub-sampling with 8, 10 and 12 bit color depths. AV1 defines levels for decoders with maximum variables for levels ranging from 2. According to the description, the videos are to begin with encoded at high bitrate to test decoding performance, and YouTube has "ambitious goals" for rolling out AV1. Vimeo 's videos in the "Staff picks" channel are available in AV1.

Netflix "expects to be an early adopter of AV1". Following very positive own test results, Facebook said to gradually roll out AV1 as soon as browser support emerges, starting with their most popular videos. Twitch plans to roll out Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 for its most popular content in orwith universal support projected to arrive in or According to Socionext, the encoding accelerator is FPGA based and can run on an Amazon EC2 F1 cloud instancewhere it runs 10 times faster than existing software encoders.

According to Mukund Srinivasan, chief business officer of AOM member Ittiamearly hardware support will be dominated by software running on non-CPU hardware such as GPGPUDSP or shader programs, as is the case with some VP9 hardware implementationsas fixed-function hardware will take 12—18 months after bitstream freeze until chips are available, plus 6 months for products based on those chips to hit the market.

A single core can encode Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 with 30 fps, with multiple cores that Catharsis (Self-Help) - Every Stranger Looks Like You - Bluest Shade Of Black even be higher.

At the time of the announcement, a list of patents owned by Sisvel was not publicly available. However, Sisvel's CEO stated in an interview that such a list would be posted on Sisvel's website before any licensing demands were sent out.

As of 8 Aprilthe Alliance for Open Media has made a press release, which reiterated the commitment to their royalty-free patent license, [] and made mention of their "AOMedia patent defense program to help protect AV1 ecosystem participants in the Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Remixes) (File) of patent claims", but did not mention the Sisvel claim by name.

On 14 December Netflix published the first. Microsoft also announced Иди Си - Kamelia* - Project 13 with the Windows 10 " 19h1 " preview release, Bar Y Copas - Grupo Niche - Sutil Y Contundente File Explorer, Paint and multiple APIs, together with sample images. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved 31 March The Alliance for Open Media. Facebook Engineering. Retrieved 5 November Alliance for Open Media. Retrieved 5 September EE Times.


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