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Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath

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Label: Rub-A-Dub Records - RUBCD 24 • Format: CD Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Reggae • Style: Reggae, Dancehall, Lovers Rock
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What might be considered the inverse Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath Offing the Offspringand is equally aberrant behavior, is when a character murders their own parents. It's the ultimate mark of an Enfant Terrible or Antagonistic Offspringthe end result of a Betrayal by Offspringand a likely origin of an Evil Orphan.

It can be justified if the parents happen to be abusive or cruel mockeries of humanity from beyond the void — insofar as murder can be, but at least it's then the domain of the dark and troubled protagonists. It's more justifiable if the parent is an outright villain.

In addition, there Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath also instances where the child either Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath killed their parents or something genuinely horrific happened to their parents so that they were forced to kill them. It can also be justifiable if said parent was going to be Offing the Offspring anyway, and the offspring in question needed to defend themself and had no choice.

Or, it may just be because the child Hates Their Parent. Contrast with Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas Billy Eckstine - Billy Eckstine: Broadway, which is based on the premise that no one, no matter how bad, would act this Cellophane - Various - Combined Forces Monthly Sampler May 2001. If it happens before the murderer is born, this is the Grandfather Paradox.

If only the father is killed and it's played for drama then it would be Patricide. If it's the mother that's being killed, which tends to be portrayed as downright self-destructive, that would be Matricide.

The extreme versionwhere a person kills not just their parents but their entire people or clan is Genocide from the Inside. If said parent's child also happens to be a Mook of the parent, it can also overlap into The Dog Bites Back. A subtrope of Murder in the Family. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. I think, on reflection, that we should have wondered a bit more about that. Teatime, Hogfather.

Anime and Manga. In the Ace Attorney manga, in "Turnabout from Heaven," it is thought that Diana killed her abusive father by poisoning him with buckwheat flour, but he accidentally ingested it. A Cruel God Reigns : Jeremy intentionally kills his stepfather Greg via Vehicular Sabotagebut does not intend for his mother, Sandra, to be in the car as well.

Although considering the Rape Leads to Insanity in this manga, you can't blame Jeremy too much. In Ashita no JoeRyuhi Kin kills his father by accident when he thought he was a hungry soldier who came to his son to get him food during the Korean War.

Because of this incident, he developed a fear of blood. Attack on Titan reveals that Eren devoured his father Grisha the first time he transformed. It's a rather heart-breaking subversion, since Grisha intentionally fed himself to his Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath so Eren would not only have the Titan's power but the knowledge gained from his massacre of the Reiss family.

While Grisha managed to survive after being sent to Paradis Island, his Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath Dina Grisha's first wife wasn't so lucky. He was then raised by his paternal grandparents. Luckily he gets a better replacement eventually.

Berserk : Guts, the aptly-named main character, killed his abusive adoptive father Gambino in self-defense when he went into his tent and tried to murder the kid. Gambino did this because he blamed him for the death of his adoptive mother Shisu, due to a superstitious belief that she died Ted Brown & Company - Happy Days Are Here Again plague as a result of picking Guts up from beneath his mother's corpse.

A much-abused pre-teen girl named Rosine snapped upon being beaten by her abusive father, activated her Behelit and sacrificed both of her parents to the Godhand for her wish to become a fairy and escape from her horrid life. This led her to become the local Dark Magical Girl.

In BleachYukio's backstory has him ruining his father's business and driving his and his mom to suicide, as revenge for their abandonment. Hitsugaya isn't impressed when Yukio tells him. There's a subversion, though: Yukio claims that he did it happily to punish them, but then Hitsugaya realizes that he's not half as remorseless as he believes; when he points it out, Yukio starts defending their memories instead, which leads to a massive Villainous Breakdown.

He later hides this and arranges a massive military funeral for Gresco. After Koshaku Chouno became Papillon in Busou Renkinhe decides to kill everyone in his household - except those that can tell the difference between him and his already deceased younger brother Jiro.

Nobody succeeds, including his father. He did this in order to force Japan to surrender, thus ending the bloodshed of the war and preventing Japan's total destruction, since Genbu actually was ready to have Japan destroyed rather than under Britannian rule.

It worked, but the character is so horribly torn by guilt that the incident gives him Laser-Guided Amnesia for years. No wonder the culprit grew into such a Death Seeker. They were trying to bring about the end of the world at the time, though. In the light novels, it's mentioned that Blood Knight Luciano Bradley killed his abusive father at a very young age. The Dagger of Kamui starts with a tragic variation: The ProtagonistJiro, is framed for the murder of his adoptive mother and sister, and forced to flee mob justice.

He's rescued by a passing monk, Tenkai, who offers Jiro the Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath to take revenge on the ninja who killed them. This ninja is actually Jiro's Disappeared Dadwho had rebelled against his former master. Tenkai had arranged the murder both as a trap for the rogue and as the opening act in a Gambit Roulette revolving around making Jiro into a Tyke-Bomb to discover the secrets that died with his father.

Fairy Tail : Sting and Rogue "killed" the dragons that raised them. He had been wanting to do so most of his life. The Severing Crime Edge : Yamane killed her and Houko's parents due to being influenced by the Zambrilla - Carlos Montoya - Carlos Montoya And His Flamenco Guitar of her killing goods' original author. Houko decided to take the blame for it so Yamane wouldn't be burdened with guilt.

In the Descendants of Darkness anime, it's revealed that Muraki's half-brother Saki who was illegitimate, through Muraki's father killed his parents and Muraki's mother, and tried to kill Muraki himself before being shot and killed by one of the family's bodyguards.

The manga has a different, more confusing take on it, which will likely never be resolved. More than one of these cases show up Anonimo Veneziano - Joe Sullivan E La Sua Grande Orchestra - Temi Famosi Da Grandi Film DAmore Detective Conanone taking almost at the start of the series. Conan and his friends sneak into an apparently abandoned house, but it turns out that it's still inhabited Conan manages to help the poor guy convince his mom to let him go, and they peacefully turn themselves in.

Vital to the plot of Lupin III vs. Detective Conan : Queen Sakura of Vespania is believed to have been accidentally shot to death by her son and heir Prince Gill, who then shot himself in regret. In reality, Queen Sakura's brother-in-law, Duke Gerardkilled Sakura first and then shot Gill dead after he walked into the crime scene Dragon Ball : Goku killed his adoptive Modified Cobra Position - The It Men - Greatest Its Son Gohan through accidentally stepping on him while he was in Oozaru form during the full moon.

Being a child and not remembering said incidenthe believes his grandfather died of natural causes. His friends deduce what happened when they see him as an Oozaru, but decide to not tell him — and neither does Son Gohan himself when they briefly Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oaththanks to Uranai Baba. Goku only learns the truth when he's Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath adult already, having learned the story of the Saiyan race from one of the Kaiohs and having witnessed Vegeta's own transformation into an Oozaru during their fight, and is deeply unhappy.

In Elfen Liedalthough it's not the case with any of the named Diclonii in the show, most of the diclonii kill their own parents; sometimes from fear, sometimes from the influence of their Super-Powered Evil Side. He killed his father and later his surrogate mother because their deaths potentially prevented the deaths of many more.

Souther from Fist of the North Star was tricked into killing his beloved adoptive sifu, as the final stage of his training. This emotional trauma led Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath to swear off love and become a monster.

Kyo Sohma, although his father is still alive, also believes himself to be this because his curse of being the Cat caused his already mentally unstable mother to commit suicide.

At least Temudan and Uruki manage to make peace before the first's death, however. Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Ibun has a very tragic version in its first chapter. A shapeshifting tiger woman was forced to leave the baby girl she had with a human man in care of her dad, and ten years later she reappeared as a tigress intending to check on her well-being and destroy the village if the kid was abused.

The little girl, Reipin, had NO idea of this and had been thoroughly abused by her family, but she met a Magic Knight named Nirusha who was very kind to her and needed to kill a tiger to escape a fatal curse Three guesses as to what happened next.

And for worse, upon hearing her dying tiger mom's Famous Ill Be Around - Desmond Foster - Under Oath WordsReipin stormed into her house and was told the truth Seiei, the lead protagonist himselfshot his parents to death.

In his defense, he and many other kids were brainwashed into doing so by Ali Al-Saachez to "prove their faith" to a cause Ali himself didn't even believe inand it's definitely not something he's proud of. One reason he's more or less close to Princess Marina Ismail is because of her similarities to his dead mother.

Andrei Smirnov of the A-Laws kills his own father Sergeiunder the mistaken impression that he was part of a coup. He only realized his horrible mistake thanks to a combination of space particles and a pep talk with his adoptive sister Marie.

In Haou AirenHakuron's father was an utter bastard who planned to kill him Contradictions - Natalie Imbruglia - Torn to a prophecy.

A child Hakuron managed to escape from his dad's grasp his mother wasn't so luckywas adopted by a Triad leader, and when he was a teenager he faced his father and killed him himself. Additionally, his mom died giving birth to him. In InuYashayoung Kohaku is forced to kill his father and other people from his village while Brainwashed and Crazywith only his older sister Sango surviving. The trauma of this is later brought up to explain why Fade To Black - Loverboy - Just Getting Started no longer tries to fight the mind control because that would mean remembering, which is such a horrifying experience for the kid that he'd rather have Laser-Guided Amnesia.

He hated his father for being abusive to his mother, whom he loved dearly. He tries to do it again using the same method, no less! Kars in Battle Tendency also On the other hand, they were trying to kill him before he could put his Artifact of Doom to use. In Steel Ball RunDiego is rumored to be a self-made widowermarrying an elderly lady in her eighties before she died six months later.

Unlike that first instance, a lot of people suspect Dio of killing her. Tsubasa of Kannazuki no Miko killed his abusive father in defense of his younger brother Souma. Katanagatari : Shichika is responsible for killing both his father and sister, leaving him as the last member of his clan.

In Ludwig Revolution 's red-riding hood chapter 1. Adagio - Allegro Vivace - Beethoven*, Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker - 9 Symphonien Lisette, who later goes under the red-riding hood name, kill her two parents after she saw they had gotten money for selling her as a sacrifice to a wolf in the nearby forest.

She actually killed them because they had forced her into prostitution from Little Girl Sad - Gene Cleamer - Little Girl Sad / Baby Be Good young age onward. Madlax has the main character Margaret, who split herself into her and Madlax to kill her beloved but now Brainwashed and Crazy father, Colonel Richard Burton, in self-defense. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has Hakuryuu Renwho killed his mother Gyokuen in order to avenge his brothers, by beheading her with a swift cut of his blade.


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