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Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов

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Label: Домашняя Коллекция - MP-0043,Навигатор - MP-0043 • Series: Черная Серия • Format: CD CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release MP3, 192 kbps • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
Download Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов

Part Part 16 It is finally time to put and end to Dark Sol's shenanigans once and for all. But first, we have to run through the fifth level And encounter some new enemies along the way.

The Collossus falls somewhere in between Gollum and Ragnarock and wouldn't really be all that interesting if it weren't Throws You For A Loop - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinth one thing I think you know what I'm talking about.

This is one of the monsters that drop mithril in its raw form. There are normally six chunks of ore in the game, one from the Alkemist and five scattered throughout the Labyrinth. I still don't have anything to use them on.

So I'll just pop back out for a bit and sell them because that wasn't very far in. Attempt two! The Deathpaw is the third and final evolution of the "hellhound" type. They can attack twice and cast Muddle 2, but Milo and Pyra are a gigantic wall of fuck you at this point and enemies don't really get to act unless they ambush the party.

Back to the rainbow fountain again to drop off the Vial of Tears. Honestly, I'd much rather have a gold fountain here; it'd make the fifth floor much less of a pain. Video: Blessed by Water Spirit I am the Spirit of Light, and I can aid you in your quest. I see you've found the Arms of Light. Now I'll Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов you the power to use them to their utmost! That's not to say this isn't welcome, though.

The spirit looks kind of high. And the screen is flashing strangely. I'm not sure this encounter isn't just a bad trip on suspicious "miracle" herbs. Now, listen to me. Should you ever find yourself mortally wounded For my waters are here to heal and comfort you.

Now go! Drive out the Darkness and return peace to this land! Honestly, I'm not sure what becoming a Shining Knight actually doesbut it probably can't hurt. Pyra finally learns Muddle 2. This won't see any use because it has a lousy hit rate and the Demonstaff is just plain more fun. Random fact: casting Boost 1 on Milo now lets him and Sue kill Bildbloks in one turn.

Bildbloks have upwards HP. Milo survives, however, and I've equipped the Light Blade on Sue for this shot for comparison. It gives him a WF of With the Dream Blade, it's This is the strongest weapon in the game, with a mind-boggling WF, 25 points stronger than the legendary Light Blade itself.

The downside is that it is, of course, cursed, putting Sue under a constant Muddle 2 aka Demonstaff effect. It makes his "awesome blow to own head" hilariously strong, but it's not something you'd want to keep around. It can also cast Muddle 1 from the item menu, but may break Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов repeated use.

Here's something else I wanted to show off, but the elusive little buggers just wouldn't show last time. Crystal Oozes are nice little bundles of XP waiting to be harvested. Problem is, they're not going to stick around and let you pick them off. When they're not running away - which they are very fond of doing - they're pelting you with Freeze 4 and Muddle 2, or summoning random enemies to join the battle.

They have only a handful of HP, but take almost no damage from any normal attack, physical or magical. There are only a few ways to guarantee a kill, and we don't have access to any of them. Usually on our side Anything the Box kills still awards us full experience and gold. Crystal Oozes are worth experience points and gold. I don't know how this happened - one of the oozes ran, so I should "only" have received 90k EXP and 15k GP for this; I guess the Forbidden Box doesn't just kill things you can see right in front of you.

I'm not sure I want to carry this around any more. Sue and Milo each gain two levels from this battle. Pyra gains only one, but compensates by learning Bolt 4, her final and strongest spell. At 40 MP, it's one of those spells you use under the same circumstances as Heal 4: pretty much only when fighting the final boss.

First, I'm going to run back out one last time. This is the Dream Blade I'm selling; don't need the I Cant Keep Smiling - Clay Allen And His Cimarron Playboys* - I Cant Keep Smiling / Evalina (Shell, but eh.

Of course, monsters on the fifth floor drop tons of XP and gold and we're still gaining levels on the last trip through. Healing up at the spirit fountain We have all the treasure. That's the real goal of this game: get all the treasure. Dark Sol is just an excuse to get us into the labyrinth to begin with. We're pretty overpowered for this; Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов only way this is going poorly is if I fuck up badly.

He has the Arms of Light, finally equipping the sword as well. He also has one of the Miracle Herbs in case Milo eats an unlucky crit or something. Eh, three points this way or that He has two magic rings he's never going to use, and Burst 4 was the last one; it won't see use in this battle, but Heal and Quick will.

Maybe Revive, as well. Her weapon slot is empty to make room for all this useless shit; I'm only going to be using the Heal Ring. Isn't this a wonderful sight? Oh well - on with it! This time, we step through the gate Dark Sol materializes in front of us. After attaining all this power, there were none to challenge me. Until now, that is. Your death will make my victory all the sweeter!

Dark Sol is such a fucking dweeb. Wait, what was I going to do with this again? Bored now. Take over the world? Guess I'll just sit here then. Dark Sol's attacks are magic of various flavours, and none of them are very threatening.

Even Sue didn't take a lot of damage from his Bolt 3. Honestly, it's kind of overhyped. Milo and Pyra Say Si Si - Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra - Say Si Si / I Love You (Shellac) even less damage. I have Pyra punch him. It deals about as much damage as Demonbreath.

This is Milo with Boost 2. That wasn't very difficult! But of course it's not going to be that simple. Defeated, DS wastes no time whining about it. This cannot be! Did I not pay the price?! Is this the "power" you pledged me for my soul?!

Will the Darkness allow its will to be undone by a mere child? Heed me, Darkness! Give me your all, and I'll give you the world! No, really, he's Into The Darkly Shining World - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов some nerd who stumbled over a bunch of evil power and grabbed it just because.

He seriously has no idea what he's doing.


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