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King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade

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Label: Lock And Key Collective - none • Format: 5x, Cassette • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
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It was released on February 10,by Merge Records. A musically complex album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea features a lo-fi sound, primarily influenced by indie rock and psychedelic folk. Traditional instruments such as guitars and drums are paired with more unique instruments, including the singing sawzanzithophoneand Uilleann pipes.

The tempo will sometimes abruptly shift from song to song, while a heavy layer of distortion permeates the music. The lyrics are surrealistic and opaque, with themes ranging from nostalgia to love. Bandleader Jeff Mangum was influenced by the life of Anne Frankthe teenage diarist who died in a Nazi concentration camp. To create the heavy layer of distortion found throughout the album, Schneider used heavy compression and placed a Bellari RP tube mic pre-amp close to Mangum's guitar.

Schneider then ran the sound through a mixing consoleand maxed out King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade sound on a cassette tape. The band gained a reputation for their chaotic and physically demanding performances, which often scared the audience members. Contemporary reviews were mostly positive, although most critics did not believe the album warranted further discussion. Over the next few years, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea gained a cult following through the Internet, and Mangum struggled to cope with his newfound stardom.

He grew tired of performing and explaining his lyrics, and disappeared from public eye. Since its release, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea has received critical acclaim, and is often described by music journalists as both a landmark album for indie rock, and as one of the best albums of the s.

In the early s, a group of musicians from Ruston, Louisiana formed the Elephant 6 collective, which grew to encompass dozens of bands from the small city. After graduating from high school, Mangum had moved from city to city, while Schneider settled down in Denver, Colorado. While Schneider was interested in a Beatlesque style of production, he deferred to Mangum's preference for a lo-fi sound.

That's how King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade learned to produce, doing that record, because I totally had to let go of what I thought it should be like. After the release of On Avery IslandMangum began looking for bandmates to tour with.

The two sent demo tapes between each other, and eventually Koster joined Neutral Milk Hotel as the bassist.

After a short audition, the two asked Barnes to drop out of DePaul University and join the band, to which he agreed. While on a stop in Austin, Mangum met former Rustonian musician Scott Spillanewho was working at a pizza shop. Mangum helped make pizzas during the late-night "drunk rush", after which he asked Spillane to join King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade band. Spillane agreed, and handed in his two weeks notice the following day.

The band lived and rehearsed in a house owned by Koster's grandmother. For example, drummer Barnes learned to play the accordion, [10] and Spillane learned how to play the horn parts from On Avery Islandpracticing on a two-valve horn for hours every day. On July 1,Neutral Milk Hotel began a national tour, during which the band members learned to play as a unit.

He shared these demos with his bandmates before they moved to Denver to record the album. Schneider was already producing Hooray for Tuesday for the Minders when Neutral Milk Hotel members began to arrive, and decided to halt production until In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Goldie Hill Smith* - The Country Gentlemans Lady Sings Her Favorites finished.

Schneider separated the band members into different rooms, but always kept Mangum close to the control room in case he wanted to plug Mangum's acoustic guitar into a four-track cartridge. Schneider occasionally tried using an electric guitar, but would wipe these recordings as he felt it did not sound like Mangum's music. As the sessions progressed, Schneider wanted to find a way to record the acoustic sound into a microphone instead of into the cartridge.

He decided to record the sound through Neumann U 87 microphones. According to Scheider: "[Mangum] liked an acoustic plugged in because he kinda found it fuzzy and raw, like an electric guitar, but it had a strummy quality to it, too I had developed an acoustic guitar sound on my own that he was really happy with by the second record, and I think it's really good. Neutral Milk Hotel biographer Kim Cooper believes In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is one of the most heavily distorted albums ever made, but also notes the lack of equipment such as Big Muffs or distortion pedals.

Mangum liked having a layer of distortion over the music, but Schneider could not afford standard GoinSteady - Various - Capitol Country Music Classics 1950s equipment.

Instead, Schneider used heavy compression and placed a Bellari RP tube mic pre-amp close to his guitar. This King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade was done for nearly every instrument used on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

Schneider claimed that the nonlinearities of microphone distortion gave the album its unique "warm feeling". He wrote these parts on a piano or organ, then conferred with trombonist Rick Benjamin to ensure the musical notation was correct.

Spillane was the last band member to arrive, so Schneider showed him the arrangements he King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade already written. The trumpets were written in treble clefbut as Spillane could only read bass clefhe had to rewrite these arrangements before he could learn them.

Like he did while learning the songs for On Avery IslandSpillane spent hours every day practicing and writing more arrangements in the basement. Toward the end of the recording sessions, Schneider and Spillane worked together to seamlessly combine their differing arrangements. Schneider's parts were more melancholic while Spillane wrote chaotic and boisterous parts.

When asked about the horns on In the Aeroplane Over the SeaKoster said: "The tension of Scott being heartfelt, explosive, and Robert trying to superimpose arrangement and control, made for something nice". In Rondeau - James Weaver, Jacques Duphly - Music for Harpsichord Aeroplane Over the Sea is a musically complex album, and as a result, it is difficult to categorize into a specific genre.

Traditional instruments like the accordion, drums, and distorted guitars are paired with more unique instruments like the singing sawzanzithophoneand Uilleann pipes. Despite the wide variety of King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - White Wives - Howls For Sade and instruments, Jeff Mangum's guitar strumming is a key component for much of the album. Mangum often plays simple chord progressions, which Erik Himmelsbach of Spin compared to 50s progression.

This is a trend for nearly every musician involved with the album. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea emphasizes structure and textureand tracks seamlessly segue into one another. Slower, more somber tracks such as "Two-Headed Boy" and "Communist Daughter" are contrasted with rapid-paced, Love Vibration - Josh Rouse - The Best Of The Rykodisc Years punk rock -esque tracks such as "King of Carrot Flowers, Pts.

Arguably the most famous and heavily analyzed part of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea are the lyrics, which were written by Mangum. Seuss illustrating William S. Burroughsor perhaps Sigmund Freud collaborating on lyrics with Syd Barrett.

Despite its complex nature, there are some common themes found throughout the lyrics. Two important themes are childhood and nostalgia. According to Richardson: "it's an album of memories and associations, how skin feels against the grass and what passes through your mind the first time you realize your own powerlessness. It puts ultimate faith in raw feelings, the kind that consume you without logic or sense". Love is another prominent lyrical theme, although the concept of love takes on different forms.

Sauerteig cites the track "Two-Headed Boy" as an example of this concept. The track describes conjoined twinsalthough Sauerteig believes the conjoined twins are a metaphor for two people who unsuccessfully merged with each other, and now feel like they are trapped in an interdependent relationship.

Although there is little concrete information as to the genesis of some of the lyrics, Mangum has stated a major influence was Anne Franka teenage girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp. While writing about the Anne Frank connection, Kyle Kramer of Vice said: "[Mangum's] writing process was not particularly cerebral, and his own mind is pre-disposed to indulging his dreams, which naturally brings out religion and sex.

To fixate on the thematic arc of the lyrical message of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, to ask Mangum to explain that message, is to miss that message entirely. Musicians John Fernandes and Will Westbrook were brought on as touring members, and were taught how to play the horn parts with Spillane. For the tour, Mangum wanted the band to learn how to play the Charlie Haden track "Song for Che", a difficult improvisational jazz piece.

Although Mangum was expecting a lot out of the newly expanded band, many outsiders noted how caring and nurturing Mangum was toward everyone involved. Filmmaker Lance Bangs said: "He wasn't any kind of a taskmaster—never turning and glaring at anybody—it was never like that. Clearly, there was a love of his circle of friends that made it important for him to build this community and bring them along with him.

While on tour, Neutral Milk Hotel gained a reputation for chaotic and physically The Trial (Band Demo) - Pink Floyd - Demos & Alternative Versions concerts. Great Lakes member Ben Crum recalled: "It was definitely dangerous. There often seemed to be a very real chance that someone, probably Julian, would get hurt. Jeff was always doing things like picking him up and throwing him into the drums.

Ironically enough, the band members would often ask some audience members if they could spend the night at their house without knowing the homeowner was in fact terrified of them. I Wish I Could Steal A Sunset - Death Letters.* - Post-Historic audio technicians for most venues were often confused and did not know what to expect.

As a result, Laura Carter took on the unusual role of "mix-board translator". According to Carter: "It was more like talking them through what was about to happen, because so much was happening onstage that without someone helping, it was a wail or squeal and the soundman would look at twenty instruments onstage and not know what to dive for. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 's front cover features a drawing of two old-fashioned bathers out at sea.

One bather is swimming in the water, while the other bather sits atop Tarzan + Jane - Heimatglück - 2 Stück In Einer Packung box. This bather is wearing a red dress, and has a drumhead for a face. The back cover features a drawing of marching band members wearing stiltswho are being led by a short bandmaster. Both illustrations were created by Chris Bilheimer, who at the time was designing artwork for the band R.

Mangum met Bilheimer while living in Athens, and asked him to create the artwork for Neutral Milk Hotel's upcoming album. Mangum was interested in imagery associated with early 20th century penny arcadesand would often buy postcards from thrift shops that featured this style. One postcard in particular featured three bathers at sea, which Bilheimer cropped and slightly altered to form the album cover.

Dewan's most well known piece for the album is a black and white sketch of a flying Victrola over an industrial plant. Dewan had previously been commissioned by Koster to make the artwork for the Music Tapes demos. When Mangum asked Dewan for artwork, he was provided with two sketches: a magic radio, and a flying Victrola, the latter of which was chosen.

To give the disparate drawings a cohesive look, Bilheimer scanned every image onto a dirty piece of paper, which made the drawings look the same age, with an effect of slow decay. To add onto this effect, Bilheimer splashed dirt on the album cover just above the female character's outstretched arm. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea received mostly positive reviews upon release. Christian McDermott also commended the music, which he called a blend of " Sgt. Pepper with early 90's lo-fi".

McDermott wrote that despite the unpredictabe sound, the music is "as catchy as it is frightening". He felt the rhythms and chord changes were boring, while the heavy layer of distortion masked the absence of decent melodies. Ratliff ultimately summarized he review by writing: " Aeroplane is thin-blooded, woolgathering stuff". The lyrics also drew the attention of most critics.


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