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The Morning Of My Life - Joe Brooks* - You Light Up My Life

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Label: Arista - IES-81011 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack
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A young Scott Sanders snares the girl of his dreams in Paris, only to lose her to some old rich guy in New York. His pain amplified when rich guy pens a hit love song My name is Glynn Washington and today we're chasing things that we are not meant to have. He's been on the show a few times, but this time he comes to us with a story that starts out as a young The Morning Of My Life - Joe Brooks* - You Light Up My Life traveling in Greece. There's one town perched up on the steep Mediterranean coastal cliffs, supposedly Atlantis was somewhere around there.

Just one of those magical kind of places - or at least a really great place to meet a woman. Sort of knew without even knowing there's something about this woman. Scott was 21 and he was traveling around Europe hitchhiking, looking for just these kinds of unpredictable opportunities. So he started talking to her. Turns out she was a New Yorker like Scott, she missed the smell of the subways just like Scott. And that was it, just small talk.

Then she left the island. He figured, probably never see her again, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. From the second I laid my eyes on her I was totally fascinated by her. He heads to Marcy, France where he plans to take a train to Paris. And I was on the platform in the Marcy train station. There was wispy train Čez Korensko Sedlo - Ansambel Bratov Avsenik - Zlati Zvoki all around and in one of the windows, maybe this is about feet away, I see Sarah.

And she's gesturing wildly to get my attention. Then I start running down the platform, I spring onto the train. It was only going like 2, 3, 4 miles an hour but I was euphoric that I caught up to the train.

I run down the aisle of the train. DEWITT: At that moment, he didn't kiss her, but they did have a chance to make up for it later because as soon as they got to Paris, they moved in together. Let's just say, they weren't in Paris for the food. SANDERS: Sarah was five years older than me and she was a sort of very mature year-old and I was a little bit of an immature year-old as far as Hindustan - Tiny James - Tiny James At The Orpheum experiences.

It was very enjoyable also. It was very enlightening in the best sense of the word. And what's better than being in Paris and getting enlightened and educated in that manner? Changed my flight, booked a ticket and Sara met me at the airport. DEWITT: And kind of just like that, Scott followed Sarah back to New York and into a real regular long-term relationship, one of those rare cases where a wild tryst actually turns into the real The Morning Of My Life - Joe Brooks* - You Light Up My Life.

I was totally into her, totally into her and maybe not so much in a healthy way to be so into somebody. And she loved me, but it was The Morning Of My Life - Joe Brooks* - You Light Up My Life of disproportionate. It wasn't completely balanced. It was one of those relationships where I would see her walking across the street on the way home before she saw me and I would think, God, I'm lucky that I'm with this woman. DEWITT: They were together for two years living in what Heads & Tails - Pure Horsehair - Aubade figured was relative domestic bliss, until on one otherwise regular afternoon And I said, what's up?

Who was that? And she said that it was Joe Brooks, the film director that she had met, you know, couple of years earlier when she was an extra in one of his films - that he was inviting her out and that she was going to do it.

I sort of knew it was more than a drink by her tone and the way she looked at me. And I sort of knew a little bit about Joe Brooks, that he was a bit of a Earl Grant - Ebb Tide / Swingin Gently man and he doesn't ask somebody for a drink for a drink. She was ready to move on and it happened in a blink of an eye. And the world sort of stopped for me. I was crushed. I couldn't understand it, it was inexplicable.

If you wanted to like put a dagger in a relationship, this was the way to do it. And Sarah I Will Be Standing Again - Billy Vera & Evie Sands - Queen Of Diamonds / Jack Of Hearts never ever, ever go to a basketball game with me.

I like tried to get her to go to a basketball game with me, you know, many times. It turned out that she was going to the game with Joe Brooks and they had courtside seats. Turned out to be a triple overtime, one of the biggest games in basketball history and the whole time instead of watching the game, The Morning Of My Life - Joe Brooks* - You Light Up My Life had binoculars trained on Sarah and Joe Brooks. DEWITT: Of course, this was Scott's first love, so it was that kind of doubly terrible getting dumped kind of takes extra-long to get over.

But after begging for her back, Scott started trying to move on. Tried to avoid places she might be, tried to forget her. Of course, this is never an easy task, but for Scott, it turned out it was going to be even harder because right then is when this pesky song came out on the radio. I learned that it was Quero Fazer-te Um Poema - Calabeto - Memorias by his rendezvous meetings with Sarah.

You light up my life. And it was about the woman of his dreams lighting up the life of the very rich and famous man Scott was dumped for. He woke up in the morning, his clock radio played it. Walking down the street, the cars that passed played it. He walked into the corner store for his morning cup of coffee, Sarah's song was playing there too.

And I couldn't suffer in silence 'cause I had to keep hearing this song. And it was like - just a dagger in my heart every time I heard it. It's a stupid, bad song that made a zillion dollars. Thank you very much, Δευτέρα Βράδυ - Bo (36) - Feat: Bo Brooks. It haunted him for months. But during that time, there's no sign of Sarah herself until one day, that critical rite of passage in any breakup arrived.

The random run in. The first chance to act like you're over it when you're not. Sarah walks into the train onto the subway and sits down next to me. And, you know, it was awkward but, you know, we exchanged pleasantries. Maybe, you know, I can really move on. And then as he's walking by a music store, well, we'll spare you but you guessed it.

SANDERS: It's hard enough to break up with somebody in general, but to hear this song continuously and for whatever reason it would be referenced or, you know, I would hear it in the '80s, I would hear it in the '90s, I just heard this song and it was always a bummer.

And years later - let's just say the end of Joe's life wasn't as successful as the beginning. And for Scott DEWITT: Years later, late at night Scott still occasionally would try digging around on the Internet to try and remind himself of this woman he once loved and that once loved him. But there's no digital trace of Sarah. Like all relationships have like songs, smells, foods, things that are forever attached to that person and to that relationship, but this is like that on steroids.

So it would be a trip if Sarah actually - when this story's on the air, if she actually hears it. That would be a trip. That would be a real coda to the whole thing. And if anyone wants to donate their K-Tel record collection, do not send it to Scott Sanders, no. No, no, no, no.

Send it to me because Sarah's coming over tomorrow night for kitchen. Scott, he's an actor, a writer. You can hear him at live storytelling events like Porchlight, the Moth and Fireside. Learn all about Scott Sanders at snapjudgment. Not to fear because waiting for you right now, we've got full episodes, movies, pictures, stuff, it's all there - snapjudgment.

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  • Juzragore says:
    Jul 23,  · Joe Brooks, who wrote and directed the score for You Light Up My Life, selected Kacey to dub the singing voice of actress Didi Conn, but when they released a single she was not credited on the label which showed Original Cast (orchestra conducted by Joe Brooks)/5(3).
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    Jan 07,  · I found a compilation of sheets. Nakita ko sa baul (^^) I didn't try to play these when I was younger because I thought it's too hard for me to play.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of (Original Soundtrack) You Light Up My Life on Discogs.3/5(3).
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    Apr 25,  · In no way, shape, or form did "You Light Up My Life" light up my life. Thank you very much, Joe Brooks. DEWITT: "You Light Up My Life" broke a .
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    You Light Up My Life is a American romantic drama film written and directed by Joseph Brooks and starring Didi Conn, Joe Silver, and Michael Zaslow. The plot concerns a young woman named Laurie (Conn) with dreams of becoming a singer who soon finds herself pressed by young friends to sing and her father, who wants her to be a mezibarkegularasida.infoinfong: Didi Conn, Joe Silver, Michael Zaslow, .
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