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This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z

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Label: Hyped To Death - H2D#22 • Series: Hyped To Death (series) - 22 • Format: CDr Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Power Pop, Punk
Download This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z

Thanks for joining us. We are proud to reveal a feature some ten years in the making. The s were the first decade where each and every single year we worked tirelessly to sum up the year that was. Each year we went on we were more and more happy with the decisions we make and how it reflected our unique way of looking at this incredibly diverse world of music.

We will pause only for one moment more to point out that much of what is ranked here is deeply evocative of the troubling and uncertain times we find ourselves in as the s draw to a close.

Here is our top 75 albums for the decade that was, the s. Original mxdwn rank: 19 Release year: Billie Eilish crashed into the mainstream scene in with her marked melancholy pop style. Grimes — Visions Original mxdwn rank: — Release year: This album is filled with notes of electro-pop giving it a robotic Track 05 - The Machine Gun TV - Live In Berlin 991020. It is clear Grimes was ahead of the times with this album and the technological innovations that have occurred since its release.

Mogwai — Atomic Original mxdwn rank: 10 Release year: An apt score to the fraught history and implications of the atomic age. Russian Circles — Guidance Original mxdwn rank: 20 Release year: Doom and brooding melodicism weave unfolding tonal narratives that navigate between Wagnerian post-rock and escalatory metal riffage.

Sleigh Bells — Reign of Terror Original mxdwn rank: 15 Release year: Sleigh Bells have always worked to go above and beyond the typical boundaries of rock, noise and pop.

Here, their exploration results in the breaking of new ground emotionally and in terms of scope within rock. Arcade Fire — The Suburbs Original mxdwn rank: 4 Release year: The Suburbs had an air of Bowie to it, particularly in the title track: cool and masculine in its vulnerability. Janelle Monae — Dirty Computer Original mxdwn rank: 13 Release year: Monae dared to embrace electro-pop in this record, which is dance-licious and provocative: another win for the artist.

The Black Keys — Brothers Original mxdwn rank: 20 Release year: A monument to quality songwriting and continued innovation within a genre that many believe had lost some commercial viability in the 21st century.

Rock on, brothers. This album stays true to his name with songs that incorporate a hybrid of various electronic music spanning across different decades. The Black Queen certainly left a mark on the decade with this hit album. Neko Case — Hell-On Original mxdwn rank: 2 Blue In Green - Charlie Haden - MP3 Collection year: Crystalline vocals against generally soft instrumentation, great storytelling, and an air of mystery all in an alt-country package.

Lorde — Melodrama Original mxdwn rank: 31 Release year: Lorde took her style up a notch with her sophomore album Melodrama. From teen-struggles to life of a young adult, Lorde continues to stay relevant with her catchy indie-pop beats and raw lyrics. Chelsea Wolfe — Birth of Violence Original mxdwn rank: 2 Release year: The gothic-folk artist makes a strong return in her album.

This heavy album is filled with deeply personal stories. Vincent — Masseduction Original mxdwn rank: 2 Release year: Many virtuosic guitarists want nothing more to do than show-off. Fortunately Annie Clark has the intelligence and grace to let her music do the talking. The boldness of this group might be their most admirable quality, as shown in their propensity for mixing together typically opposing musical elements like synths and heavy industrial sounds. Blackstar serves as a pensive denouement to one of the finest musical careers of this century.

Eat the Elephant sees the group flex its soundscape muscles with airy compositions, water-like orchestrations, and almost This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z tongue-in-cheek, Douglas Adams references. The Gentle Storm — The Diary Original mxdwn rank: 11 Release year: Concept albums are hard to do well, but when they are they leave a lasting impression on the music scene.

The Diary by The Gentle Storm is a perfect example of this, as the love story presented is told beautifully and sung beautifully by Anneke van Giersbergen through both the folky and heavy metal versions of the songs on both sides of the album. While Black Panther was the highest grossing movie ofthe soundtrack was a great work of art on its own merits. TEEN — In Limbo Original mxdwn rank: 6 Release Fink - Angelspit - Hideous And Perfect One aspect that jumps out when listening to this album is the variety of sonic textures across the songs, but the relative sparsity within individual numbers.

The band never quite fit in with their alt-rock contemporaries, creating a much more nuanced, textured sound that in many ways set the stage for such a successful return a decade later. At times, it is not immediately apparent what genre the band is channeling. Kendrick Lamar — Good Kid, m. It was his debut on a major label after a turn on the indie circuit, and it was clear that he could avail himself of significant creative freedom here.

He worked with producers like Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams and T-Minus — and his music rooted in his youth in the treacherous streets of Compton will always be impactful. The eleven-track album reinforced the idea that the sound the band was producing was uniquely unlike anything the indie-pop world had heard in some time. The rebellious twists and turns of each track remain part of the reason this album has stood the test of time.

Signature of B. In addition to being catchy, well-designed pop, the album stands as a uniquely adequate representation of how technological advances that shaped the course of music have met modern production. Four years after the release of her critically-acclaimed debut, Santigold created an outlet for the underdogs of the electronic, indie-pop music world with her sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe.

An album overflowing with cascading drums and musical candy that has become a staple for Santigold listeners and alternative music lovers. The artist known for her unapologetically different take on musical fusion took the time to create an electronic explosion that continues to stay relevant today.

Mark Lanegan Band — Gargoyle Original mxdwn rank: 13 Release year: Mark Lanegan is one of the most underrated vocalists in music today. His voice oozes out of cigarettes and a whisky-coated throat and gives any project that has his name attached to it instant credibility.

Gargoyle is a beautifully written record, seeing Lanegan stretch his songwriting into new yet familiar territory punching the listener in the throat with This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z songs about the mysteries of love and death… or maybe that is just what one hears in their own head when thinking about it.

With a mature and intimate introspection, Scott-Heron delivers lyrics on his past and his soul. He is matter-of-fact, but his voice resonates beyond the confines of each song. Scott-Heron never lost I Want To Rest - Various - White Gospel talent for sharply incisive lyrics, and his rumbling baritone voice demonstrates imbues his words with the strength of decades of writing.

Her relentlessly churning guitar playing creates a warm background for her sharply cool voice. The lyrics are entrenched in the daily life of the narrator and his daughter, cataloging every moment, thought to thought, giving the listener sometimes uncomfortably intimate details of fallout from devastating loss.

Ministry — Amerikkkant Original mxdwn rank: 11 Release year: In a time of political rockiness, Ministry does not hold back in Amerikkkant with their views of the current President, Donald J. The album paints Trump as the evil clown in a weird, creepy carnival. Chelsea Wolfe — Hiss Spun Original mxdwn rank: 7 Release year: Departing from her earlier work, gothic folk artist Chelsea Wolfe reaches new creative heights in her album, Hiss Spunin which she tackles topics of her past, such as mental health, familial struggles and former relationships.

The album is an amalgamation of a sludge metal aesthetic, heavier use of electronics, and her long-held gothic folk songwriting style. It was with the release of Hiss Гей, У Лісі. Лісі - Український Народний Хор Ім. Г. Верьовки* - Український Народний Хор Ім. Г. Верь that Chelsea Wolfe proved a mastery of blending styles while still remaining true to, and even more boldly expressing, her core artistic identity.

Filled with intense synths and moody pop vibes, this project feels like a flashback yet somehow manages to This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z in perfectly to the indie-pop rock scene.

After exploring different genres and tastes, it seems TEEN is settling well into their stylized sound. Themes of sex, love, heartbreak coupled with its retro sound will help this piece carry its relatability throughout decades to come. What happens when four very distinct voices in the heavy metal landscape converge on a singularity? Troy Sanders of Mastodon, Max Cavalera of Sepultura, Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan and David Elitch came together on the Killer Be Killed project to bake a brand of metal that combines all the elements of their main projects to forge one of the better metal albums of the past ten years.

Puscifer, particularly on the album Money Shot provided Keenan an opportunity to explore fresh sounds and even get a little comical at times. The result is a roaring testament to creative This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z that keeps a slot in our playlists five years after release.

Austra — Future Politics Original mxdwn rank: 4 Release year: Originally ranked 4 by mxdwn for Album of the Year when released inFuture Politics by Austra stills holds a special place in all of our hearts here. The synth-pop album that dealt with urgent political issues in a very optimistic way still stays relevant two years later. The third studio album from the Canadian singer-songwriter depicts an exhausted anticipation of the future through an explosion of indie-pop melodies and Acid Rain - Various - Post Acid Crash. Led by frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, Future Politics was and still is an album This Is Your Life - Various - Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z truth and difference.

The range Christmas can reach helps elevate Mariner by taking things from soft and melodic to shrill screaming adding to the brutal screaming which Cult of Luna is well known for. Another element are the constantly shifting themes and this album revolves around a space journey into the unknown. At the time, Palmer had risen to her rightful fame and made headlines with the largest kickstarter in the history of the music industry, crowd funding this very album.

This collection holds strong to the date as the Grand Theft Orchestra add a cinematic feel to her strong vocals.

For a band as anarchistic as Arctic Monkeys to come out at the helm of their musical identity, and permeate pop culture without losing any part of themselves, is what makes this one of the best albums of the decade. Arctic Monkeys is undoubtedly one of the most important bands to rise in our generation, and if nothing else, AM is hope of the fact that rock bands will never die. Even in the midst of all this more indie-leaning experimentation, Kylesa still pulled out some of their usual tricks.

Exhausting Fire goes further to show the lengths Kylesa will go for a new sound, and it worked for them. Like Clockwork was nominated for two Grammys, and it debuted at number one on the Billboard Queens of the Stone Age are experts at what they do, and Like Clockwork is a great example of there incredible talent. Run the Jewels — Run the Jewels 2 Original mxdwn rank: 2 Release year: In a decade stained by police violence against black lives, the hip-hop-heavy music mainstream failed to adequately address these issues.

Run the Jewels 2 is the response of hip-hop act Run The Jewels; A thorough exercise of the first amendment. Polished beats, complex rhyme schemes and elevated thought patterns fill this album from El-P and Killer Mike. These are evolved political ideas. In the past decade, this type of expression seems to have been relegated to local indie punk bands. Run the Jewels finds a way to be political, with unique beats while still being very hip-hop. Ice Cube and N. Run the Jewels expounded upon the idea by not only criticizing police, but also adding a couple things that could be done to improve things.

His output mutates and shifts with each progressive release as he boldly forges new paths with each attempt. On Epicloud Townsend found new ambitious territory making expert use of a full gospel choir on nearly every song. This combining with his own flavor of exuberant hard rock cements an irresistible form of happy metal, one where the fruits of love and devotion are reveled in like the most joyous of celebrations.

Metal never needed reinventing more badly when Epicloud hit and it might have been the perfect record to put that ball into motion. For the first time, Marling uses electric guitar, though her rich and emotionally-charge style of playing remains the same. Marling explores this tension between beauty and meaning throughout the album as she tries to find meaning herself.

However, even as she remains just out of reach, the search for its meaning is where the greatest beauty is to be found in Short Movie. Faith No More has never been easy to define, and their fans like it that way. Their music is equal parts punk, metal, and every other genre put in an ever changing plasma-filled pinata, and beaten to a bloody pulp.

Simply put, the band controls musical lightning, led by the ever charismatic, and equally hard to pin down frontman, Mike Patton. Their edge not completely gone, replaced by a band that knows exactly where they stand in the Fingerdance - Earl Klugh - The Journey landscape, and continuing to push a boundary that they created.


3 Light - No Artist - Glass Crashes, Perhentian - LK - Body & Soul, Nocturne, Opus 61, No.7 - Mendelssohn* - A Midsummer Nights Dream, Joses Place - Various - Superecord. Contemporary, Vox Patris Caelestis - Allegri* / Mundy* / Palestrina* -- The Tallis Scholars Directed By Peter Phil



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