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Various - Turmix 2003

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Complete regression of the condition had not been achieved in all cases with Various - Turmix 2003 of the present treatment regimens. Curcumin is diferuloylmethanea yellow pigment in curry powder, exhibits anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pro-apoptotic activities.

Hence an interventional study was undertaken to establish the efficacy of curcumin in OSMF patients. A randomized open label, interventional study was conducted in forty patients with clinically and histologically proven Oral Submucous Fibrosis. Forty patients Various - Turmix 2003 clinically and histologically proven Oral Submucous Fibrosis were selected for the study and were randomly divided into 2 groups.

Improvement of burning sensation, interincisal distance and tongue protrusion was evaluated on a weekly basis. Burning sensation improved in both the groups from early to late stages. Complete resolution of burning sensation was noted with turmix. The mean increase in interincisal distance was 3.

The interincisal distance improved in both the Various - Turmix 2003with significant results at the end of first month. Tongue protrusion showed greater recovery at the end of 1st month in group 1 when compared with group 2. Turmix is beneficial and effective in reducing burning sensation in Various - Turmix 2003 OSMF patients. In the earlier studies, Curcumin had not been compared with intralesional steroid therapy in OSMF patients.

This study encourages the use of curcumin as it effectively reduced burning sensation and also improved the mouth opening. The common sites involved are labial mucosa, buccal mucosa, retromolar pads, soft palate and floor of the mouth.

Fibrotic changes of the pharynx, esophagus and paratubal muscles of eustachian tubes Andy Ross His Orchestra And Chorus ,featuring Jureen DSilva, Jimmy Dawn - Pop Singalong been reported.

The mucosa later becomes leathery and inelastic with palpable fibrous bands resulting in restricted mouth opening. The etiopathogenesis of OSMF is complex and incompletely understood. Oral Submucous Fibrosis is a potentially malignant disorder attributed to areca nut betel nut chewing. The other proposed etiological factors include excessive chilly consumption, vitamin B and iron deficiency, autoimmunity, genetic and environmental factors. The alkaloids stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen, while its structure is stabilized by catechin and tannins.

The increased crosslinkage of collagen results from upregulation of the copper dependent enzyme lysyl oxidase. Complete regression of this mucosal condition had not been achieved in Various - Turmix 2003 of the case studies reported till date, despite the number of drugs or interventions tried, hence an attempt at finding a permanent cure is still going on.

Plants have been widely used as medicinal cure since ancient times among which Turmeric had always occupied an important place. It had been widely used in inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Lúmen - Exp3ri3ncia 1 - Album Début medicinal activity had been attributed to various pharmacological activities, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, pro-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

It may hence be hypothesized that the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifibrotic properties of curcumin acting simultaneously, may interfere with the progression of OSMF at multiple stages in the pathogenesis of this complex disease.

These invaluable properties of a commonly available, well tolerated, house hold ingredient with a non invasive route of administration prompted us to undertake this study. Intralesional steroid therapy in the management had been well documented and accepted for its beneficial effects. Hence, the current study was undertaken to assess the efficacy of curcumin in OSMF by comparing it with the most accepted therapy viz.

Forty OSMF patients attending dept. Institutional ethical clearance for the study was obtained. Informed consent was taken from all the study participants. Patients within the age group of 20—40 years, with a histological diagnosis of OSMF were included in the study. Detailed history with special emphasis on type, frequency in a day and duration of habit areca nut, gutkha or combination of bothwhether they swallowed the product or Various - Turmix 2003 it out were noted.

The findings of clinical examination were recorded on a specially designed proforma which were supplemented along with clinical photographs. Patients were encouraged for habit cessation and were subjected to oral prophylaxis to motivate them for abstinence.

The subjects with confirmed histopathological diagnosis were then randomly divided into 2 groups of 20 each by using table Junior Senior - Hey Hey My My Yo Yo random numbers. The selection of the sites of injection was based on clinical judgment.

Injections were given at multiple sites with a 26 guage needle, given on alternate sides for a period of three months. The second group was given oral administration of 2 tablets of Turmix Film coated tablet containing C. No alternative or supplementary forms of therapy were used in any of the study participants, except the study medications. No side effects such as nausea, stomach upsets, diarrhea were reported by any patient.

Both groups were treated for a period of 12 weeks. Clinical evaluation was done during their subsequent visits through the assessment of improvement of subjective symptoms like burning sensation, objective signs like interincisal distance IID and tongue protrusion TP.

Patients were explained about visual analog scale VAS and were asked to mark the severity of burning sensation on it. Various - Turmix 2003 sensation was then recorded on a percentage reduction basis.

Interincisal distance IID was measured with vernier calipers between the right maxillary and mandibular central incisors on maximum opening. If these teeth were missing, they were measured on the corresponding teeth of the left arches.

The measurements at subsequent visits were done at the previously recorded sites only, to avoid misinterpretation. Tongue protrusion was measured with a scale as the distance of movement of the tongue beyond the incisal tips of the lower incisors. These parameters were analyzed at baseline, at the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd months.

All measurements were taken by the same examiner MY to avoid observer variability. The baseline profile between the groups was compared using Students t test. The improvement observed within the group by the end of 1st month, 2nd and 3rd months was tabulated and analyzed. The clinical improvement of a particular regimen within the same group before and after treatment was analyzed using paired t test. Comparison between the two groups was done using unpaired t «Музыка На Воде» - Гендель* - Музыка На Воде. Eighty seven point five percent Various - Turmix 2003 the patients used commercially available gutkha products, while the rest Only 2 patients reported the concomitant use of betel leaves along Various - Turmix 2003 areca nut occasionally.

None of them had a habit of swallowing the contents. None of them had reported the concomitant use of smoking or alcohol. The clinical sites of involvement were labial mucosa, buccal mucosa, soft palate, floor of the mouth, retromolar area and tongue. All the study participants had multiple areas of involvement. Fibrous bands were palpable in the buccal mucosa, labial mucosa in Be The One - Various - Humos Alle 2009 Goed and 9 patients respectively.

The comparison of baseline profiles between the groups is not statistically significant as shown in Table 1. This indicates that the patients included in both groups had similar clinical profiles. All the study participants Various - Turmix 2003 the treatment regimens well, without any side effects.

All observed parameters improved with both the interventions. Burning sensation improved in both the groups at the end of 1st month mean values of The Only Love Can Break A Heart - Margaret Whiting - Only Love Can Break A Heart / Where Do I Stand increase in IID was 3. The IID improved in both the groups, with significant results at the end of first month as shown in Table 2.

Mean increase in TP at the end of the study period was noted to be 2. Similar sequential improvement of IID was observed with both modalities as shown in Table 2.

In our study, 31 were males and 9 were females. This male preponderance was in accordance with various studies.

The higher male preponderance probably reflects their easier access to the abusive habits or less social restrictions. The average duration of chewing was around 5. Turmeric is non toxic and is extremely safe even at higher doses. Our study showed early, rapid and complete improvement of burning sensation with turmix. This could have been due to the improper diffusion of the drug to all sites of affected mucosa due to the local drug delivery system.

The complete resolution of burning sensation in the turmix group could be due its anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin modulates the inflammatory response by. Down-regulating the activity of cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2lipoxygenase, and inducible nitric oxide synthase iNOS enzymes.

In our study, group 2 turmix participants showed mild Various - Turmix 2003 improvement of interincisal distance and tongue protrusion towards the end of 3rd month. Improvement in interincisal distance and tongue protrusion were Various - Turmix 2003 with conventional therapy when compared with turmix. This difference could be due to the potent anti-inflammatory properties of steroid when compared with that of curcumin or the poor bioavailability of turmix with the existing dose and formulation.

Previous studies have indicated poor absorption of curcumin leading to low systemic availability. The systemic availability can be improved by complexing curcumin to a phospholipid, since curcumin is lipid soluble.

The exact reasons for better improvement of tongue Various - Turmix 2003 in group Various - Turmix 2003despite no injections given in the floor of the mouth or base of the tongue are unknown but may be at least partly attributed to increase in mouth opening in these patients.

These differences could be attributed to the variation in the formulations, dosages or clinical profile of the patients included. Jurenka JS in his review, reported that same dose of different formulations may give rise to different mean serum curcumin concentrations, the reason being unclear.

They had also reported that low doses resulted in lesser concentrations in serum. This in both groups could be due to the effective pharmacological action of the drugs used. Some trials have even reported the regression or stabilization of malignancies with the use of curcumin.

The antioxidative and scavenger properties of curcumin, make it a very The Magic Wood - Joan Baez - Baptism chemopreventive agent in the prevention of cancer. The limitations of our study include small sample size, data from a single centre and lack of histopathological confirmation of improvement at the end of the study period. Our study has certain implications which include the early use of turmix in OSMF patients to provide rapid symptomatic relief.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrolytic properties, it possesses excellent anti oxidant properties.

Moreover, the non invasive nature of this therapy makes it attractive.


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    Nov 20,  · Comparison of curcumin with intralesional steroid injections in Oral Submucous Fibrosis – A randomized, open-label interventional study. (Turmix mg) per day for 3 months each. Improvement of burning sensation, interincisal distance and .
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