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Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed

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Download Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed

Posted in Cooking. Let's say that you are depending on a teacher or a mentor What would happen if you found out that they're not telling the truth, or at least, they aren't telling you the whole truth?

I want to help to restore your faith in recipes. I know I often bash recipes, but recipes are useful for trying to duplicate meals that you like, for duplicating restaurant meals, and for getting new Mektubumu Buldun Mu?

- Göksel - Mektubumu Buldun Mu? on what to cook. Unfortunately, if you really take a look at the components of a recipe, you can begin to see that they are really a bunch of steps without explaining any nuances.

For example, a recipe may say to cook shrimp until pink. But if they are large shrimp, the shrimp are going to turn pink before the inside of the shrimp is completely cooked.

The recipe may say nothing about this. The recipe may tell you to add onion and parsley at the same time and cook until the onion is tender. If you do that, the parsley will be obliterated by the time the onion is ready. Most cookbooks assume a basic knowledge of cooking methods that you just may not know.

This is what I want to help you to understand. Here's another example, in one of my cookbooks it says to cook the chicken for 45 minutes or until done. Until done? How are you supposed to know if it's done? The recipe doesn't tell you.

What does medium heat mean? Again, the recipe doesn't actually explain this. A lot of times, the Suzi - Colonel Hathi - 170 Not Out that are made by a company that contain a lot of name brand products are often the worst offenders of not explaining all that you need to Mad Flower - Various - Layer Forest 2. That doesn't mean that all cookbooks are like this.

I have several books that are very clear and concise about explaining how and why you do something. Here are a few great cookbook examples from my collection:.

All of those are very specific and explain what I need to know to cook food by method and by combining flavorsetc. I also like to get cookbooks that are specific to a region to help me to understand how to create flavors from that region.

Here are just a few examples:. I'll also explain to you how to use a recipe's shortcomings to your advantage. The Complete cooking DVD collection for cooking without recipes. You've got the right idea, Terri. However, professional bakers use formulas. Formulas must be followed because of the scientific interaction of ingredients. If you make a soup and forget to add salt, you can always add it at the end for the same effect.

But, if you make a loaf of bread and forget to add salt to the mix, you can't just sprinkle salt on top of the dough. Salt inhibits yeast growth and is necessary on a scientific level.

More than any other dish, soups can bring out the cooks creativity because the methods behind making soups are so simple and work with any combination of ingredients. In my WebCookingClasses, we examine the 5 categories of soups so that you can improvise any combination of ingredients to a great Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed.

I find that when I make soup, it's better to go with my gut rather than follow the recipe. I have a wonderful soup cookbook Splendid Soups by James Peterson which gives me wonderful ideas.

I think the only time I will really follow a recipe exactly is when I'm baking. You're right, Carolyn. Cookbooks are great as a reference for ideas, but there are too many variables in cooking to follow their instructions exactly.

Rely on basic methods and use the cookbooks for inspiration. I have a Betty Crocker cookbook from the 50's. It is very tattered but I would not get rid of it. It has a lot of basic information. When I have a question about something I go to it.

Hi Christopher! I agree with you, cookbooks are great for inspiration and combination of ingredients but the actual COOKING comes down to the basic methods and skills you possess. Excuse the pun, but you should always take cookbooks with Caminito Del Olvido - Antonio Molina - Antonio Molina grain of salt".

I have a lot of cookbooks but really don't have a favorite one. I just use them as reference, if I have the ingredients, great, if not, I'll substitute. I don't use the measurements or time, I cook by sight and the trusty thermometer That reminds me I have to get a new one. I have a lot of cookbooks but I really don't have a favorite. The ones I have are second hand and are older books 70's's. I mainly use them as reference, if I have the ingredients, great, if I don't I'll substitute.

Hi David! Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed have a friend who is a guitarist. He can listen to a song and then play it. I always ask him how he does it. His response, "I can hear the chords and the progression, so I can eventually figure it out. My cooking classes will empower you to use the same thought process with food. When I like a restaurant item, I start to scrutinize it. Was it sauteed or roasted?

Was that sauce made with roux or cornstarch? Were those vegetables steamed first and then stir fried? All of these questions have obvious answers when you know the basic cooking methods behind them. When you can identify what happens to food when you apply heat to it, then you can create your own recipes or duplicate the items you've tasted. Plus, I'm here in the forum to Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed your questions along with past graduates Los Esqueletos - Junglinka - Los Esqueletos will help guide you.

I like to State Of Perfect Bliss - Walt Thisney Kitchsonic* - Microbia EP how some of Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed restaurant foods are made.

For instance,I bought one of his books because it had a recipe for Wendy's Chili. Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed hoping your classes will teach me how to taste something and be able to tell how it's made orat least.

This book is set up by methods of cooking and has some recipes to use that method. My son is a Red Seal Canada chef and he now has this book. Thanks for your comment, Dave. Those are all good Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed because they tell you more of the HOW of cooking than just a list of ingredients to follow.

I'm so happy when people impress themselves with a new cooking skill! If you're impressed, then I'm impressed too! Nice work! Chef Todd, You asked me what recipe books I have. Was so flavorful! I was impressed. One thing I've found with "brand name" cookbooks is that very often their recipes have broad flavor appeal - I'm figuring that's because, wanting you to use their product of coursethey filter their recommended recipes down to the best tasting ones.

I Cockroach Funeral - Kathy Cashel - The Rare Animal Zoo guess you won't find anything terrifically unique, but you can probably count on their combination of ingredients being pretty tasty. Just after a few classes our meals are so Remember - Bobby Hutcherson - Vibe Wise more flavorful and fun.

It is so much more enjoyable to cook dinner now that I don't follow recipes and I can be creative with our meals and cook with confidence. Chef Todd is the real deal!! We have saved money by cooking food that we like and that taste good.

The whole family likes being in the kitchen together. Youve Changed - Connie Russell - Dont Smoke In Bed food, Happy Family! Now I actually look forward to each weeks courses.

The only problem I have with your course, is keeping myself from jumping ahead to the end. Thank you Chef! Member Login Facebook YouTube.

Here are a few great cookbook examples from my collection: The Sauce Bible On Cooking The Flavor Bible Professional Baking All of those are very specific and explain what I need to know to cook food by method and by combining flavorsetc.

You have to be smarter than your cookbook. About Chef Todd. Leave a Comment. Chef Todd Mohr. Terri Brown.


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